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Fabricating Society, 13th International Conference of Digital Fabrication
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Lena Kernoa

Labs explorer @MakerTour & Digital Product Owner @GRDF
MakerTour is a French non profit organization. We are a team of passionnate people exploring, sharing and connecting the diversity of collaborative fabrication workshops accross the world. We want to show to the potential of such places and communities as well as enhancing connexions and collaborations. 

In 2015, MakerTour cofounders, Mathieu Geiler et Etienne Moreau, launched our first great expedition: six months in France and Europe towards 50 fablabs and collaborative workshops. All labs explored are feature on our website through our map and cards.

Since March 2017, Marie Levrault and Lucas Graffan are pursuing the mission in Asia during 8 months.
In 2018, Vianney Graffan and I will undertake the Latin America exploration. 

Want to take part of the project (as a lab or sponsor) or just curious ? Contact me and have a look at our website www.makertour.fr