FAB13 has ended
Fabricating Society, 13th International Conference of Digital Fabrication
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Pieter van der Hijden

Sofos Consultancy
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Pieter is consultant on ict-for-development, gaming/simulation, making and learning. He implemented Fab Lab Suriname and develops STEM-activities for children and teachers. During FAB13 he runs the workshop on "Sustainable Fab Lab Goals". He works from its own one person company, partially as volunteer, partially paid.

Suggested topics to talk about:
* What are your priorities for the coming year and how are you going to realize them?
* How do you see the future of your fab lab in, let's say, five years?
* What do you think about the fab lab as a learning organization?
* Have you worked with the Raspberry Pi yet? What are your experiences so far? What do you think about the growing Raspberry Pi community and its ideas about making?

And further any other topic that comes in your or my mind. Maybe it is good to know that I am almost half time working in developing countries and also have some experience in gaming and e-learning.

See also:
* The Fab Lab Life Cycle Report; http://bit.ly/fablablifecycle
* The Fab Lab Safety Game Kit; http://bit.ly/fablabsafetygame