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Fabricating Society, 13th International Conference of Digital Fabrication
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Lucia Acurio

ASESORA en Ministerio de Educación del Perú - Minedu

An economist with Master in Economies from Catolica University. Professional with
extensive experience in management entities for purposes of educational innovation
and educational quality management; research on topics related to the impact of
technology and innovation in education and citizenship, twelve years of experience in
the development of vocational training projects, research; creating solutions for the
diagnosis, design, implementation and training with innovative methodologies,
accompanied by international certification programs in ICT skills of teachers, students;
methodologies and solutions for the acquisition of communicative competence of
English; Five years of dedication to consulting for defining quality standards in the
integration of ICT, English leveling for students and teachers; and advice to building
models of educational quality and learning achievement.