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Gabriela Navarro

Gabriela is a Social Worker, with a master in Educational Policies from AlbertoHurtado University. She has worked for over 15 years in higher education, inChilean Institutions such as Technical University Federico Santa María, Universityof Valparaíso, and Alberto Hurtado University, among others. She has specializedin educational management & innovation and has dedicated herself to leading andadvising transformation processes in fields like competency curriculum, integrationof new students to the higher education system (recruitment, retention andsuccess) and teaching and learning strategies. Currently she is the Director of Academic Development within the Provost Officeat INACAP, an institution with more than 130.000 students, almost 5000 faculty in26 campuses spread out throughout the 15 regions of the country that offers a totalof 76 technical and professional degrees. Between 2012 and 2016, she lead INACAP´s Curricular Renovation Program,through which the institutional curriculum was updated with an innovative curricularmodel. Currently she leads the Project “Education 2020” that includes theconsolidation of the “Active, externally linked, and collaborative learning (A 2 VC)”method, as a hallmark of the educational experience in INACAP.