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Fabricating Society, 13th International Conference of Digital Fabrication
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Richard Anderson

Rick Anderson is Director of Virtual Worlds for Rutgers University, and President of Fair Use Building and Research Labs. As Director of Virtual Worlds he has grown the Rutgers University Virtual World from a single sim in Second Life to 24 sims in Open Sim, and 4 sim in Second Life. These environments are showcased as part of Rutgers Day, where more than 50,000 people attend, and at least 5,000 people get to ring the Old Queens Virtual Bell. Since 2005, he has taught the School of Communication and Information (SCI) program’s Advanced Web Design course, and Self Society in Virtual Contexts. As a member of Fubar Labs, Rick has worked to provide programs on soldering, basic electronics, Arduino and 3D printing to the New Jersey community. Arduino is an Open Hardware project used by artists and engineers around the world. His code is used in Arduino IDE 1.5 to enable more microncontroller platforms to use Arduino code. In 2013 he published Pro Arduino. As Director of Virtual Worlds he has created World Manager for LMS compatible game technology, and web accessible learning scenarios. Lastly, an Open Source tool to render OpenSim Archive files for 3d viewing and printing.