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Fabricating Society, 13th International Conference of Digital Fabrication
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Wednesday, August 2

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218 Sustainable Fab Lab Goals / Objetivos de Fab Labs Sostenibles' (bilingual) Hosting Lab FabHausPieter van der Hijden • Enrico Bassi • Vaneza Caycho • Neville Govender • Yogesh Kulkarni • Wendy Neale Strategies for Resilience in the FabLab Network Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaVictor Jose Santana Fab Academy Thesis Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaLuciana Asinari • Tomas Diez How to Make Spaces and Things: A pedagogical approach Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaDina El-Zanfaly SCOPESDF lesson-athon Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaSonya Pryor-Jones Using the Engineering Design Process to Enhance Teaching and Learning in a Fab Lab Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaToby Ratcliffe Bothel 213 Fab Lab for efficient usage of water for agriculture in water scarcity regionsFULL Hosting Lab FabHausSuhas Labade 215 Simple Dynamo generatorFULL Hosting Lab FabHausFabrice Traore 223 Super-fun times making super Soft SensorsFULL Hosting Lab FabHausWendy Neale Research papers session 2 Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaCindy Kohtala • Peter Troxler • Tomas Vivanco Fab City :How To Make It Happen In Your City Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaMinh Man Nguyen Fab lab “in-a-box” for humanitarian and development context Working Group Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaJens Dyvik • Neil Gershenfeld • Jean-Marie Durney • Felix Ma • David Ott • Luciano Betoldi FabChain: distributed ledger technologies for the fab lab network Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaTomas Diez • Primavera De Filippi WG2: Mobile Labs Working Group Session Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaRobert Garita • Ileana Ceron • Roberto Delgado • Javier Figueroa • Juan Carlos Jeldes • Stijn De Mil • Brandon Prentice 127 How to implement a community-based IoT system through digital fabrication and participative cartographyLIMITED Mobile FabLab AconcaguaKako Valladares • Emilio Velis 128 'feria de maquinas' 3D scanning and 3D printingLIMITED Mobile FabLab AconcaguaLeonardo Aravena 201 Bioinformatics for environmental metagenomicsFULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaElizabeth Henaff 202 Cardboard CNC Machines MTM (2days)FULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaRoberto Delgado • Fabio Ibarra • Gabi Mojoli 203 Poppy, an open robotics platform for makers, scientists and educators (2days)FULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaTheo Segonds 204 Material cycles step 2 : Making Measuring DevicesFULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaAlysia Garmulewicz 205 Hands on assistive devices (MyOrthotics 2.0) (2 days)FULL Centro de Extension Universidad Catolicaadriana cabrera 206 How to learn electronics by making your own Fab Oscilloscope (2days)FULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaDaniele Ingrassia 207 Arduino Platform for Wind Data Visualisation (2days)FULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaDr. Rafael Moya Castro 208 PhabLabs4.0: Building photonics devices in the fablabFULL Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaStijn De Mil 209 Bioinformatics for environmental metagenomicsFILLING Centro de Extension Universidad CatolicaElizabeth Henaff 210 FabDoc - Version Control Tool for makers (repeated)FULL Hosting Lab FabHausKevin Cheng 211 Analog-Digital Machines for learningFULL Hosting Lab FabHausPilar Bolumburu 212 Palmetas Modulares : Modular TilesFILLING Hosting Lab FabHausRoger Saintard 216 Fab Walker ProjectFULL Hosting Lab FabHausYouka WATANABE 217 Digital planning and 3D printing in clinical treatmentsFULL Hosting Lab FabHausIván Caro Pinto 221 How to implement a community-based IoT system through digital fabrication and participative cartographyLIMITED TBAKako Valladares 222 Body HacksFULL Hosting Lab FabHausene_ene art collective 223 Mount and Unmount the Wikihouse Workshop by Fundacion Vivienda Hosting Lab FabHausDiego Gajardo • Carlos Sfeir

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